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Be connected without state connected

Nomad is an beta Android application that allows you to communicate over a private or public social network called Oasis. It allows you to create digital snapshots with your camera or your photo gallery, share and comment it with your friends and the world from your Smartphone.

The particularity of Nomad is its ease and its asynchronous management of data. Imagine you are in an area without network coverage, or imagine that you have access to the Internet periodically, with Nomad you can still create your digital content, geolocate, save and send it when you can. When it's connected to Internet Nomad save the news online on your Android device and you can read them when you are offline and also comment it. On offline mode, Nomad keeps safely your data created who will still be editable until they are sent once an internet connection found.

With Nomad enjoy the "social and digital nomadism".

Discover how your life is easiest with Oasis

Send a copy of your media on Facebook and Twitter

Share your news on social networks.
(Coming soon)
Geotag events, places and share it

Easily indicate public or private places :
  • Free hotspots with their access key;
  • Restaurants;
  • Hotels;
  • Hospitals;
  • Parks;
  • Etc.
Send multimedia messages

  • Pics;
  • Videos (Coming soon);
  • Comments;
  • Geolocation.
Communicate without being constantly connected

Nomad has her own network Oasis, that allows you to send news (photos, videos, messages, location-based) mode :
  • Public : Available to everyone;
  • Private : Available for a group of people.
Create your own network :

In addition to the original network Oasis, independently or not you can create your own network for your friends or your family for keep confidentiality of multimedia messages you send.
Subscribe to news queues

You can follow the news according to your preferences and thematic or follow a group of people regardless of the network.
(Coming soon)

(Coming soon)
Building a business model through its Oasis network

You can create your own Oasis network for professional or personal use, and monetize it.
(Coming soon)

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